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myTOYOTA Connect is a new feature of myTOYOTA App that connects our customers to their vehicle using their smartphone.​

Through myTOYOTA Connect, customers can experience enhanced mobility as the connected vehicle is equipped with a suite of technology focused on safety, security, and convenience for a better driving and ownership experience.

Vehicle Information

Provide last location, odometer, fuel level, and engine status.

myToyota Connect

Find My Car

Check last known vehicle location.

Vehicle Information

Provide last location, odometer, fuel level, and engine status.

myToyota Connect

Driving Behavior

Get to know your driving score via Connected Toyota Insure, a cutting-edge insurance product for owners of telematics-enabled vehicles.

myToyota Connect

Trip Record

Get summaries for all trips done in a day.

myToyota Connect

Maintenance Notification

Get timely notifications based on actual mileage.

myToyota Connect


Set virtual boundaries to alert you when vehicle is entering or leaving the zone.

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How Does it Work?

Models Available




(Leather and Elite)



(LTD Variant, Q Variant, V Variant, and G Variant)



(Conquest, G Variant, and E Variant)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the models available in myTOYOTA Connect?

The following models with LDCM are available for myTOYOTA Connect:

  • 2023 RAV4 (All Variants)
  • 2023 Hiace (GL Grandia, Grandia Tourer, and Super Grandia)
  • 2023 Fortuner (GR-S, LTD Variant, Q Variant, V Variant, G Variant)
  • 2023 Hilux (GR-S, Conquest, G Variant, E Variant)

myTOYOTA Connect will soon expand to other vehicles, so please stay tuned for any news and service updates.

Can myTOYOTA Connect be available on my other vehicles without connected device?

Currently, this service is only available on models already equipped with a connected device. However, this might be possible in the future, so please stay tuned for any updates.

What are the features available under myTOYOTA Connect?

myTOYOTA Connect comes with the following features that will make driving experience safer and more convenient:

  1. Vehicle Status – Provide last location, odometer, fuel level, and engine status.
  2. My Trips – Get summaries for all trips done in a day.
  3. Find My Car – Check last known vehicle location.
  4. Locate Vehicle – Get location of your vehicle even when your engine is turned off.
  5. Geofencing – Set virtual boundaries to alert you when vehicle is entering or leaving the zone.
  6. Maintenance Reminder – Get timely notifications based on actual mileage.
  7. *Driving Behavior – Provides driving score based on driving data captured from the connected vehicle.

*Only for those availing Connected Toyota Insure policies from AXA PH.

How do I have to pay any fees to access myTOYOTA Connect?

It comes with a free 2-year subscription period starting from vehicle released date. Customer does not need to pay any additional fees during this period.

Customers may choose to activate the service any time after receiving their vehicle. However, they will only be able to consume the remaining balance of the free subscription.

We highly recommend to immediately activate the myTOYOTA Connect service as soon as possible to maximize free subscription.

What happens at the end of my free subscriptions?

After the free 2-year subscription, customers can renew their subscription to enjoy myTOYOTA Connect again. We will provide a separate information regarding customer paid subscription rates later.

What if I want to activate my subscription again after cancellation?

Once customer has activated his subscription and has cancelled afterwards, one cannot re-activate anymore the subscription to avail the features of myTOYOTA Connect.

What is a connected vehicle?

A connected vehicle is a vehicle that can communicate with other machines, usually via a wireless network.  In the case of myTOYOTA Connect, our connected vehicles can send various data to our customers to simplify everyday life with the use of an LDCM device.

Where do I find further information on Toyota's privacy and data handling?

For information on Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation Privacy Policy, visit:

The vehicle will collect, store, and transmit to Toyota specific data that will be used to provide myTOYOTA Connect services. This data will only be collected upon the consent of customers by accepting the Terms and Conditions.

In case customers do not accept these Terms and Conditions, no data will be collected from the vehicle and myTOYOTA Connect services will not be available.

How can I see my driving behavior in myToyota Connect?

In order to see driving behavior in myTOYOTA app, one must avail a comprehensive insurance product, known as Connected Toyota Insure.

Connected Toyota Insure is a product of the Toyota Insure Program, providing customers an innovative insurance that provides incentive to customer upon renewal of their insurance premium.

Note: Connected Toyota Insure is only offered by AXA PH under the Toyota Insure Program.

What incentives is provided by Connected Toyota Insure? How is this provided to customers?

Connected Toyota Insure provides discount on driving related perils during customers renewal of his insurance policy.

Such discount is provided based on the customers driving behavior and mileage taken.

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